Computer Support



Network Set-up
Server Set-Up and configuration
Router configuration & setup
New computer setup & assessment
Email setup & support
Firewall setup & configuration
Create Workgroups
Create Domains
Software install & setup
Data Security consultation
Encryption and HIPAA issues
Application software training


Computer Tune-ups & Optimizations
Printer & Scanner Set-up & Issues
Web-Camera Conferencing Support
iPhone & iPad support
Blackberry/other Smart phones sync with Exchange server
Mac support
Microsoft Outlook email problems
Virus, Malware & Spyware Removal
Server & Network Management


Password Recovery
Find lost or deleted files
General Data Recovery


Web Design
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Database design


Network Maintenance
Database Maintenance
Exchange Server maintenance
Computer & Laptop Repair


Got a new printer, scanner or webcam? Want to install a back-up computer hard drive? Get Lloyds Solutions Inc on the job. We can install almost any piece of computer hardware, quickly and inexpensively.

If you are a new business establishing a computer network at home or in your office, and you are not familiar with IP addresses, subnet masks DNS and other related industry terms and settings, we can help. We will set up computer work groups, domains, and printer sharing, so each of your computers can talk to each other, and access files and resources on each other’s PCs. Lloyds Solutions Inc will assist you with complete set-up at a competitive price.

If you already have an existing network and are having problems, let us know. Our experienced computer technicians are used to resolving most problems within an hour or two. We'll be happy to quote you a flat fee if this works better for you.

We configure and maintain your computer firewalls, routers, and switches, to maximize network performance and prevent unforeseen downtime. We also check your bandwidth, ensuring network safety & isolation of programs that are slowing your system. We will maintain and administer your network devices to ensure they have the most up-to-date firmware.


As computers age, and their storage fills up, they tend to slow down. Hard drive fragmentation, a large registry hive and/or bloated computer programs such as antivirus software, web browsers, and other pre-loaded programs all contribute to your computer “freezing”. By simply 1) removing all the unnecessary programs that have accumulated in your system, 2) removing cookies that were inadvertently collected, 3) cleaning out and tweaking the operating system and software running on your computer, 4) applying patches as required, and 5) adjusting settings that may be slowing down your system, we can restore its performance to as fast as when you originally purchased it. What we do is remove all temporary files, delete all cookies, defragment and disk-check your hard drive, apply operating system updates, and perform a “hardware diagnostic”. Following this our customers usually see a significant increase in speed, with a much faster response time in the start time of many individual applications.

One of the most regularly requested services we offer is computer virus and spyware removal, and back-ups of your computer data on a daily and weekly basis. Additionally, we offer a awide range of support for various separate computer related issues like Web-Camera Conferencing Support, iPhone & iPad support, Smart phone support, Printer & Smart Camera/Projector Hook-ups.

Many small businesses today have servers that host medium-to-large amounts of data and form the backbone of critical everyday operations. Just like all the other technology we operate daily, these machines need regular maintenance. The cost, however, of hiring a full time data administrator can be crippling for a small business.

At Lloyds Solutions, Inc., we specialize in the maintenance and support of servers in small and medium environments. We will put together a comprehensive plan for securing and supporting your servers via remote monitoring, and pro-actively maintaining your entire network infrastructure.


All of a sudden you have a brain freeze, cannot remember your computer password, and cannot retrieve important information on your computer? Fear NOT! For a flat fee, Lloyds Solutions Inc technicians can reset or retrieve your password; however, while we can reset/retrieve your PC or Laptop passwords, we are unable to retrieve passwords for your software applications.

So your computer has crashed and you haven’t been backing up your data? Can we retrieve what you have lost? At Lloyds Solutions, Inc., we know what this feels like. From a PhD student who has been working on his/her thesis; to a project manager burning the midnight oil, crunching out some important numbers; to the CFO of a company working on an IPO, we know what it feels like to lose “everything”!

But have no fear--in most instances, we can recover data from almost any hard drive, often at a fraction of the cost of other data recovery companies. We pride ourselves on our computer skills and experience with data recovery. We generally can recover data from corrupt file systems, deleted files, formatted hard drives and operating system re-installs. We understand how valuable your stored data is to you and can promise we'll work closely with you and your team to recover your data as fast as possible. Your recovered data, including documents, pictures, and audio/video files can be returned to you on DVDs, a replacement hard drive, or through the internet.


Web Site Design:

Did you know that having a professional website can help you increase sales and expose you to thousands of new clients? So now ask yourself this question, "Can I afford NOT to have a professional website?" We offer sites with HTML and Flash designs. We have a team of professional web designers who will work with you to create a great looking custom-designed website that is suitable for you and your needs. We do this by customizing your thoughts and ideas into a design that reflects your business. We have graphic artists and web designers who will work alongside you to give you that competitive edge.

Whether you are looking to get a new website for your business or are just looking to refurbish your existing site, Lloyds Solutions Inc is here to assist you with your web design needs. Whether you desire a simple web site for a small business or professional office, or require a sophisticated one for a larger company with high levels of security that can handle credit card transactions, Lloyds Solutions, Inc. is here to deliver.

In all of our attached packages, the client will need to provide us their basic concept, logos, desired artwork, photographs etc. Our website designs will include artwork done by graphic artists, but does not include any specialized work done by free-hand artists, etc. Specialized work will be charged on a project-required basis. Of course, no work will be started until we have provided a written estimate in advance.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

We will check your web position on the day we receive your advance SEO payment, and convey this number ranking to you. We will then begin your SEO work. If your website does not arrive on the first page within 182 days (or less), we will pro-rate the amount your site has advanced and refund the balance to you. So, if your web-site has advanced only 50%, you pay us only 50% of the fee. In the highly unlikely event your website has not advanced at all, you will receive a full refund. This way you know that we are working on your SEO, because, if it does not advance, we do not get paid.

Keep in mind that for SEO to be effective we need your co-operation. We need key words, and journals that your industry is involved in. It will also involve publications in print, as well as on the net about your company, your products and how your products and services are better than that of the competition. We will hold your hand through this process and will get you to where you want to be.


PC & Laptop Repair:
We service all types of laptops and computers including Apple computers.
Most Repairs surround the following components and we can easily fix or replace as needed:

  • Battery systems
  • Power supplies
  • Hard Drives, Motherboards, CPU’s and RAM.
  • WiFi issues
  • DC Jacks
  • Bad or cracked Monitors
  • Fans
  • Keyboards
  • Video/Sound cards
  • USB/Firewire jacks

We even deal with issues like short circuits caused by coffee spills or dropped laptops.
We understand how important it is for you to get your computer up and running ASAP !
Whether your computer or laptop is running slow or not running at all, we can get you up and running in no time. There is no reason to buy a new computer when you can fix or upgrade your current system at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new. Call Lloyds Solutions Inc today!

Network Maintenance

• IP conflict resolution
• Permission control
• Traffic analysis

Database Maintenance

• Database file compaction/size monitoring
• Database program update
• Password/security control
• User administration

Server Maintenance

• Server backup check
• Uninterrupted Power Supply check
• Event log monitor
• User administration
• Permission/security control
• Service pack application
• Network peripheral devices check/update
• Disaster recovery plan

Exchange Server maintenance

• Mailbox backup check
• Mail flow troubleshooting
• Sync issues
• Outlook administration (Calendars/Contacts/Shared Resources)
(Similar for Blackberry Server maintenance)


Lloyds Solutions Inc is staffed with friendly, competent, and well trained computer repair technicians who believe in resolving your issue, or repairing your computer right the first time around. We do not believe in over-charging our customers as we want you to return to us. We promise to give you an honest diagnostic, and a quick repair, at a competitive and reasonable price. Unlike some of our competition, you WILL NOT have to worry about hidden fees or other surprises !
At Lloyds Solutions Inc we earn our wings every day. We accomplish this by:
(1) Providing superior service
(2) Being highly price competitive
(3) Running an ethical business
(4) Providing our staff with a decent wage
We provide a total commitment to process and quality, combined with the highest level of resources and expertise, to ensure that our clients receive the biggest “Bang for their Buck”.

Why We Are Successful?

We manage your technology, so you can manage your business. At Lloyds Solutions Inc, we rely only on well educated and well trained personnel, not rookies. We take great pains to listen to our customers, learn their problems, study their issues and only then go about solving their problems. Our comprehensive computer help and service offerings give clients access to IT solutions that are designed specifically to meet their unique computer support and business needs.

Your Challenges are our Challenges!
• Do you need 24/7 Network and Server monitoring at 50 locations nationwide?
• Do you need to install new computers in multiple locations in a hurry?
• Do you need to access your corporate data anywhere in the world?
• Need a technician to be there first thing in the morning, on a Holiday or weekend?
• Need your Data recovered, but don’t know who to turn to?
• Your system crashes at 8 pm and you need to back up and running at 8:30 am the next morning. Whom do you call ?


Remote Support:

The way our computer tech support program works is simple and easy. You contact our on-line personnel via chat or dial our toll-free hotline, 855-EzFixUSA, at any time of day or night. Just enter your zip code and location and select “chat with a computer tech for free”. You will have the opportunity to speak with a computer tech for free before committing to spend any money. Our technicians will listen to your issues, request some basic information and then give you a quote, but you are under no obligation to purchase! That’s all it takes for a free, no obligation discussion of your computer or technology problem with one of our expert technicians.
Our technicians are trained professionals who will not mislead you. Since our charges are based on the amount of time it takes to resolve a particular issue, you will be advised in advance the amount of time estimated to resolve your issues. We charge either a flat fee per problem or $34.99 per hour. (minimum charge is 2 hours). You choose. You can then decide whether to hang up, or proceed with repairs. If you do decide to proceed with repairs, you will be required to pay via credit or debit card before we actually resolve your IT issues. If after the repairs have been completed, we have not been able to resolve the problems we have been working on, we will refund your payment. If we are able to resolve some but not all the issues you have, we pro-rate our charges. Many times due to the complexity of the problem we may be able to solve some but not all of the issues. At all times we want you to feel we are being fair.
So once you have decided to proceed, what we do next, is guide you through the installation of our secure software on your system. This software will allow our technicians to see and operate your computer just as if he was in the room with you. That means you don’t have to unplug everything and bring it to our shop, wait in line and then find someone who may try to sell you a new PC.
After you have given us access to your computer via our secure software, we will deal with the various issues you need us to address. You will be able to see what the technician is doing on your screen, or if you have other chores to attend to, you can be rest assured our technicians will do what they need to, in your absence. They will ask you for a contact mobile phone number so they can speak to you in the event they need authorization for any parts or upgrades needed.
After the repairs have been completed, and your issues resolved, our technicians will disconnect from your computer and will never be able to access it again unless you request or authorize it.

On-Site Support:

In the event your computer is unable to turn on, or you have some defective components in your system such as a bad hard drive, we will not be able to install our secure software in your PC or Laptop and consequently we will need to schedule an on-site visit to your home or office. On-Site visits are billed at $79.99/hr (minimum charge is 2 hours). We will ask for payment via credit or debit card in advance. Following arrival of our technician at your premises he will look at your computer and give you a written estimate of parts and labor required. In the event we are unable to resolve your issues, we will refund your money. However if you decide that you do not want additional service you will still need to pay for the time the technician was at your premises.
Our technicians come prepared with the necessary diagnostic tools, some parts, and software products to successfully install and resolve your computer issues. Understandably we cannot stock every part for every computer so in many instances a second visit may be warranted. If we do not have the part you require, we will gladly special order it for you and come back to install it as soon as the part arrives. You will need to pay for the parts ordered in advance.


The range of clients we service vary. From professionals who operate home-offices, and have in-home networks, to small and medium size offices for Doctors, Attorneys, Real-Estate agencies, Accountants, Restaurants, Small Business, we handle the whole gambit.
We also serve mid and large size companies that have a dedicated in-house I.T. administrator. In these instances we find, that even though mid size companies have an in-house computer person, this person sometimes needs assistance with both mundane tasks such as computer optimization and virus removal, to highly sophisticated trouble-shooting issues that may be beyond the scope of the IT person involved.


While much of our completion indulges in price gouging, and bait-n-switch, we stay away from such practices. We post our prices prominently and what you see is what you get. There are never any add-ons or hidden fees. We believe in paying our employees a fair wage, and also charging our customers a fair and competitive price. This is the only way we can depend on repeat customers.


Support Plan AAAA = $300 Per Month

Plan includes:
• 5 Computers or less (but No Servers)
• Up to 3 Peripheral devices
• 10 Hours of off-site virtual support
• 2.5 Hours on-site support for peripherals as required (Additional on-site support charged separately)
• Software install & setup
• Back-Ups
• Computer Tune-ups & Optimizations
• Peripheral maintenance
• Virus, Malware & Spyware Removal

Support Plan BBBB = $500 Per Month

Plan includes:
• 10 Computers or less
Up to 5 Peripheral devices
• 1 Server
• 20 hrs Off-site virtual support
• 5 hours On-site support for peripherals as required (Additional On-Site support charged separately)
• Software install & setup
• Back-Ups
• Computer Tune-ups & Optimizations
• Peripheral maintenance
• Virus, Malware & Spyware Removal
• Server maintenance/update

Annual Plans:

We offer a 10% discount over the monthly plans if paid in advance for a year.
Disaster Recovery Plan = $79.99/hr on-site
Plan includes:
• Find lost or deleted files from backup
• Hardware failure
• Password recovery
• Replace failed hard-drive on server
• Data recovery from failed PC

Setup/Configuration Plan (without Server) = $500

Plan includes:
• 7 hours On-Site Support
• Up to 4 computers
Up to 3 Peripheral devices
• Computer installation/configuration
• Email setup & support
• Router configuration & setup
• Firewall setup & configuration
• Create a Workgroup
• Anti-virus/anti-spyware software installation/setup
• Peripheral drivers install

Setup/Configuration Plan (with Server) = $900

Plan includes:
• Up to 5 client computers
Up to 5 Peripheral devices
• 1 Server
• 12 hours On-Site Support
• Server installation
• Email setup & support
• Router configuration & setup
• Firewall setup & configuration
• New client computers setup & configuration
• Create Domains
• Network design and configuration
• Anti-virus/anti-spyware software installation/setup
• Remote desktop configuration
• Peripheral drivers install
• Backup setup

Ala Carte Services available

For services not mentioned above we charge $79.99/hr on-site, $34.99/hr off-site
(We will always provide you with a written cost estimate in advance prior to commencement of any work we undertake).

Web Design Package-1 $ 799/-

1. Home page with flash banner
2. Site will have the following links-
Home/About Us/Services/Projects/Testimonials /Contacts /etc.
3. Number of pages-10 and below
4. Domain registration & Hosting for 1 year

Web Design Package-2 = $ 999/-

1. Home page with flash banner
2. Site will have the following links-
Home/About Us/Services/Projects/Testimonials /Contacts /etc..
3. Dynamic inquiry Form/ Feedback Form
4. Number of Pages-15 and below
5. Domain registration & Hosting for 1 year

Web Design Package-3 = $ 1299/-

1. Home page with flash banner
2. Site will have the following links-
Home/About Us/Services/Projects/Testimonials /Contacts /etc..
3. Dynamic inquiry Form/ Feedback Form
4. Gallery
5. Number of pages-20
6. Domain registration & Hosting for 1 year

Web Design Package-4 = $ 1,499/-

1. Home page with flash banner
2. Site will have the following links-
Home/About Us/Services/Projects/Testimonials /Contacts /etc..
3. Dynamic inquiry Form/ Feedback Form
4. Gallery
5. Uploading Video/PDF
6. Number of pages-25
7. Domain registration &Hosting for 1 year.

Web design Package-5 = $ 1,999/-

1. Home page with flash banner
2. Site will have the following links-
Home/About Us/Services/Projects/Testimonials /Contacts /etc..
3. Dynamic inquiry Form/ Feedback Form
4. Gallery
5. Uploading Video/PDF
6. Number of pages-30
7. Domain registration & Hosting for 1 year

Web Design Package-6 = $ 2,499/-

1. Home page with flash banner
2. Site will have the following links-
Home/About Us/Services/Projects/Testimonials /Contacts /etc..
3. Dynamic inquiry Form/ Feedback Form
4. Gallery
5. Uploading Video/PDF
6. Number of pages-40
7. CMS Integration
8. Domain registration & Hosting for 1 year

Web Design Package-7 = $ 2,999/-

1. Home page with flash banner
2. Site will have the following links-
Home/About Us/Services/Projects/Testimonials /Contacts /etc..
3. Dynamic inquiry Form/ Feedback Form
4. Gallery
5. Uploading Video/PDF
6. Number of pages-45
7. CMS Integration
8. Dynamic features- Search/News & Events
9. Domain registration & Hosting for 1 year

Web Design Package-8 = $ 3,999/-

1. Home page with flash banner
2. Site will have the following links-
Home/About Us/Services/Projects/Testimonials /Contacts /etc..
3. Dynamic inquiry Form/ Feedback Form
4. Gallery
5. Uploading Video/PDF
6. Number of pages-50
7. CMS Integration
8. Payment gateway integration
9. Dedicated server & Hosting

SEO Package 1 $ 2999/-

6 Months Web Optimization

  1. We will do our best to get your web site on Google’s first page within 6 months (182 days) or less.
  2. For the purpose of definition: Google first page means top 10 positions on Google search engine.
  3. Payment is due in its entirety in advance.

SEO Package 2 $ 5,750/-

12 months Web Optimization.

  1. We will do our best to get your web site on Google’s first page within 6 months (182 days) or less. After it is on the first page, we will continue to maintain its position and help to advance it further as far as possible for a period not exceeding one year.
  2. For the purpose of definition: Google first page means top 10 positions on Google search engine.
  3. Payment is due in two installments. $4,000/- upon sign-up with the balance due at the end of month 5.
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It is our policy to always be upfront and open with our customers. By answering your questions honestly, and in advance, we eliminate the guesswork and surprises. You will find that many companies out there will solicit your business with a teaser rate initially, and then hit you with unexpected charges and fees before they are done with you. At Lloyds Solutions Inc we do not do this. What you see is what you get. We believe in retaining your business by providing a good, honest repair at a competitive price.

Do You repair Laptops and PC’s ?

Yes, we repair all types of Laptops and PC’s including Macs and Apples !


I am starting a new business. Can you install a Network in my office?

Yes we install, set-up and configure Networks all the time. We can create workgroups for your employees, set up domains, anti-virus and anti-malware software and hook you up to the internet all in the same morning. We can also help you set you up email accounts for you and your employees and train you how to properly maintain your system if this is what you need.

Can we call you at 3 AM ?

Yes, we offer a 24/7 service and will be happy to offer you support at any time of the day or night.

Do you work weekends and Holidays ?

Yes we do work weekends and holidays.


Do you provide evening appointments?

Yes, we work around your schedule.

What forms of payment do you accept?

For remote repair we accept Credit or Debit card.

For On-Site repair we accept Cash, Certified Bank Check, Credit or Debit card.

Do you charge for travel time?

If you live in and around any metropolitan area we do not charge for travel. We will confirm if there is any travel time involved in your case before we come to your premises.

Is there a minimum charge for an appointment?

Yes we have a two-hour minimum charge. This will be well worth it to you as we are able to resolve your issue in the first call in most instances.

What will the minimum charges be if the technician has to return a second time with parts etc ?

If our technician has to return with parts, the minimum labor charge for an appointment the second time around will be only for 1 hour.

How much will you charge me if your technician works 2 hours 10 minutes ?

We charge you at half hour intervals. So if a technician works 2 hours 10 minutes you will be charged for 2-1/2 hours.

What is your labor rate for an on-site visit ?

We charge $79.99/hr for on-site visits.

Is there any Setup Fee? Does Lloyds Solutions Inc have any hidden costs on its services?

No, we do not charge any Setup Fee and there are no hidden costs for our services. You only pay for the services you receive and you will be advised of the tentative costs in advance.

If a technician has to do an On-Site emergency visit at night, are the charges the same ?

Our remote support does not cost extra at night but an emergency on-site call at night does involve a double charge. Our emergency On-Site rate for night calls is $159.98/hr. However, if this appointment is scheduled 48 hours in advance, we will charge the regular On-Site rate of $79.99/hr. Emergency night rates are applicable between the hours of 8 pm and 8 am.

How can we be sure you will get us back up and running quickly?

Quite often we are able to rectify many types of issues on the spot but we do not wish to sound like most other I.T support web sites that assure you of a magic resolution to all your problems within one hour. This is simply not possible. A lot of what we do will depend on the condition of your equipment and the type of issue you are having. What we can tell you is that we are experts in what we do. We have been successful because in the majority of instances we have been able to speedily, and inexpensively, resolve issues and get our customers up and running quickly, many times right away.

How can I tell if my computer has been infected by Spyware, Malware or a Virus ?

Is your computer running much more slowly, hanging, frequently crashing, freezing up ?

These are all symptoms of a possible infection and need to be removed before your work comes to a complete standstill.

My computer is running very slow, how can I get it to run faster ?

Most computers slow down because of age, the amount of memory, processor speed, number and amount of programs running simultaneously on your computer, viruses, Spyware, Malware and more. We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your issues and then provide a budget driven plan to resolve them.

Does your company provide Back-up services ?

Yes we do. We rent bulk storage from major storage sites such as Go-Daddy on behalf of our customers. We perform a back-up of their systems at a designated time. Our backup systems are automated and this takes the uncertainty out of backing up your data.

What do we do if the same problem reoccurs ?

Our guarantee to you is if our work does not resolve your issue the first time around we will attempt to resolve it again. If you are still unsatisfied after subsequent repairs, we will refund your money for the items we were unable to rectify.

It seems you prefer to provide Remote Technical Support over the Internet instead of delivering On-Site technical support. Is that true?

The answer is Yes! And this is simply because it costs you less to do it this way. It is a documented fact that 78% of all computer problems and technical issues can be solved using remote computer support instead of a physical presence. Besides, we found that our technicians were spending close to three to four house a day driving from client location to client location. That's three more hours of un-productive time which we could have spent actually serving our customers. We found that with a little bit of patience on the part of our customers, we could fix their problems remotely and charge them less. Moreover by using our remote support system you can get next to immediate support instead of waiting for hours, or even days for a technician to show up at your door.

If your computer can start up and get on the Internet we can help with you almost anything via remote tech support for the lowest possible cost.

I am worried about privacy and identity theft. What do you do to protect me and my personal information?

First and foremost, every single thing we do on your computer is done in plain sight. You can watch every mouse click and every key typed, as if a Lloyds Solutions Inc technician was sitting right there in the room with you. At Lloyds we take your privacy issues very seriously. Any funny business will result in the immediate termination and prosecution of that particular employee.

Moreover, you control the entire process. With our remote technical support software, you initiate service requests and decide when you want a Customer Support Technician to provide remote computer repair. And once work has started, you can end the session at any time by pressing just a single key. During the session you can also choose to hide sensitive documentation and material. Or simply tell the techie not to open any particular files you do not want them touching.

Our tough stance to protect our clients' privacy extends to on-site visits as well as remote support calls.

When you deal with Lloyds Solutions you can breathe easy.

What is your average wait time?

In most cases, a technician will respond to your service request within minutes.

Do you do design Web Sites?

Yes we do. Please refer our web design tab for an explanation of what we do and how we can customize your web site to suit your life-style and/or business.