CPT Coding

Cpt Coding

The process of transforming descriptions of medical diagnosis and procedures into universal code number is referred as medical coding. CPT Coding stands for Current Procedural Terminology, which is a standard naming convention described and authorized by the American Medical Association. The purpose of CPT Coding is to consistently classify and recognize medical procedures.

In simple terms, CPT Coding is applying standard medical codes for services rendered to patients. The process involves applying a correct code to the procedure given to the patient during the billing process. CPT Coding comprises of 5 alphanumeric characters. These characters indicate the exact procedure performed by the doctor. The AMA updates the standards and ensures their validity every year.

Why should healthcare service providers and physicians hire a professional billing and coding services like Lloyds Solutions? The aim of applying CPT coding is to ease and fewer the errors during the billing process.  At Lloyds Solutions, these are used to report the services provided by a physician to a patient to Medicare and private insurance agencies. On the basis of the CPT codes, insurance providers reimburse the healthcare providers. Therefore, it is imperative to report the correct code to get deserved medical reimbursement. Medical billing services from Lloyds Solutions come to rescue healthcare providers with our expertise in the billing process.

Hiring professional billing and coding services is the smart way to curb denials. The professionals from Lloyds Solutions have expert knowledge in coding and thereby can assign the right diagnostic and procedure codes in claims and make them error-free. With their accurate and timely billing solutions, physicians and healthcare providers can streamline their revenue cycle.

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