ICDC9 Coding

ICD9 Coding

Converting the doctor’s notes into alphanumerical codes is known as medical coding. It explains the diagnosis and the type of treatment provided to the patient. Accurate medical coding is important to get reimbursement from insurance companies.

ICD, the International Statistical Classifications of Diseases, is alphanumeric codes given to every diagnosis, description of symptoms and the cause of death attributed to human beings. The ICD codes in the United States are version 9 and are referred as ICD9 Coding.

This coding is similar to CPT coding. The only difference is CPT codes identify the service providers whereas ICD9 coding explains the diagnosis on the claim form. Insurance companies use ICD9 coding to determine whether to pay for a medical test or treatment procedure. Therefore, to curb insurance claim denials, accurate ICD9 coding is vital.

Getting expert help from professional billing and coding services like Lloyds Solutions is a wise move to get the deserved reimbursement. In addition to maximize medical claim reimbursement, we provide follow-up on all rejected and denied clams too. Hiring Lloyds Solutions helps to increase cash flow. Besides, it is beneficial in many ways. It saves time, resources and eliminates billing concerns.

Every year ICD codes are updated based on the feedback given by the providers and players. There are vast improvements occurred in the healthcare sector and ICD 9 coding is inadequate to track all these changes and improvements. Contact Lloyds Solutions for all your ICD9 coding needs!

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