Pathology Coding

Pathology Coding

Pathology is the complete study of identifying or diagnosing about a disease. Pathology coding is used to report gross and microscopic examination of the specimens. For rendering the services to patient, pathologist goes for these codes that can be easily used in connecting the billing with that of the treatments that are provided to the patients. These pathology codes consist of appointment and the examining report of the specimen.

At Lloyds Solutions, we provide pathology coding services with renowned pathology coders and proficient staff who take care of the claims. These coding experts have worked with some of the great pathologist in few parts of New Jersey in USA. Our pathology coders are certified and authorized experts who take care of both anatomic and surgical pathology coding. Lloyds Solutions have certified medical coders who possess a huge experience in managing legendary medical labs and hospitals in USA. Our team members will recognize and inform clients about the defects in the pathologist’s reports to help improve your medical records and optimize reimbursement.

We provide pathology coding services for current cases that are being managed by a pathologist and also temporary services for covering the reports that are needed instantly. Other services that are handled by Lloyds Solutions include backlog coding and reviewing the compliance in medical coding. Our team also supports the clients through helpline, providing information systems for the reports.

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