Surgery Coding

Surgery Coding

Medical coding is a process of assigning CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) Codes to the task and service provided to a patient by a medical practitioner. It includes medical, diagnostic, and surgery coding services. Insurers use these codes to determine the amount of reimbursement claimed by healthcare providers or medical practitioners. The main aim of medical coding like surgery coding is ensuring uniformity. Since everyone uses the same code to denote a service, it is easy for the insurers to identify the procedure.

For effective management of the revenue cycle of healthcare practice, accurate and timely billing is necessary. While performing medical billing and surgical coding tasks, one should be more careful because even a minute error can lead to claim denial or rejection. Often surgeons experience many critical issues related to surgery coding in terms of data accuracy, quality and pricing structure. Outsourcing surgery coding to Lloyds Solutions is the right professional solution for billing and coding needs that can help you to save substantially.

Medical coding and billing services are specially designed to tackle patient billing tasks. Our quick and error free surgery coding and billing procedures not only eliminate paperwork but also minimize claim denials and thereby enhancing revenue and cash flow.

Surgical coding and billing services boast cutting edge technology, advanced software packages along with an expert pool of professionals. So, we can handle all aspects of surgery coding and billing procedures efficiently and enable healthcare providers and surgeons to process and submit claims easily and within the stipulated time.

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