About Us

Committed to providing customer and quality centric, and cost efficient services.

Lloyd’s goal is to create an environment that enables physicians and medical workers to concentrate on what they do best – caring for patients.

In the crowded arena of Medical Service Providers, Lloyd’s is committed to providing customer and quality centric, and cost efficient services. Founded to meet the evolving technology need of physicians, with a concentration on medical transcription, electronic medical records (EMR), medical coding services (inpatient and out patients), revenue cycle management, physician credentialing and practice management, Lloyd’s has been a reliable partner to solo practitioners, group-practice physicians and hospitals for over 8 years.
Understanding clients’ concerns about managed-care-driven revenue reductions, Lloyd’s is focused on finding solutions that reduce costs and increase revenues for physicians, practices and hospitals. In place of a the fragmented network of purchased services that exist in many medical offices and facilities today, Lloyd’s offers the interactive solutions of the latest Internet technology available to physicians and provides a single-source, cost-saving, income-enhancing products and processes.
Among Lloyd’s services and products designed to improve office efficiency and revenue are: medical transcription, electronic, medical coding services (inpatient and out patients), revenue cycle management, and physician credentialing for solo-practices, group practitioners and hospitals.
When you interact with Lloyds for all your back office services you are protected under a single umbrella and enjoy a single time saving point of contact for all your services.
A workforce of highly trained and medically knowledgeable healthcare professionals, deliver the myriad of solutions Lloyds provides. Their work, and your trust, has earned us a solid reputation in the healthcare services industry, for delivering timely solutions and helping improve revenue collections.
Lloyds Solutions, Inc. embraces the challenge of improving the productivity of our customers by delivering the best and most current technology solutions with professional integrity. We offer leading solutions in Healthcare Documentation, Medical Transcription and Health Information Management.
Lloyds Solutions’ healthcare documentation services, which range from outsourcing to automation, are designed for large hospitals, as well as large and medium sized groups that want to enhance patient care with a cost-effective solution for their documentation. Eliminating medical documentation headaches with Lloyd’s services, frees you up to focus on what’s really important – concentrating on Healthcare. Lloyds manages your paper, so you can concentrate on the big picture!
Our digital medical transcription services will meet or exceed all your transcription needs. We understand our clients’ stringent requirements and provide quality transcription services in rapid turnaround time and at unbelievably low rates. Our coverage areas include hospitals, large practices, individual doctors and MTSOs located in the US, Canada, UK and Australian markets.

The company is guided by the following eminent personalities

Jerome Pereira

President, Lloyds Solutions Inc.

As an ex professional Ship Captain and an entrepreneur, Jerome brings strong organizational skills that have helped successfully steer Lloyds since its inception. His continued vision and leadership continue to see the company’s growth in the healthcare space. He has an MBA, and his passions other than Lloyds include flying recreational airplanes and golf. Despite the present tough economy, he has made Lloyds stand out in the medical services industry by focusing on product quality and customer satisfaction.

James Hartman

Vice President (Business Development)

Before joining Lloyds team, Jim spent more than 25 years with Blue Cross Blue Shield, most recently as Vice President. With over 35 years of experience, Jim is an expert in Medical Insurance Services. As the director of business development at Lloyds, he presently is spearheading several new projects the company is embarking upon.

Sebastian (Sebi) Thomas

Vice President and Chief Operations officer

Sebi has 14 years in the healthcare space, specifically Business Process Outsourcing Operations. As Lloyds COO, he directs all operation both domestically and internationally. With a degree in English Language and Literature, Sebi started his career as a Medical Transcriptionist. In his rise to the top, Sebi has worked in various levels of customer support, overseas client interaction, and international business development. In addition to Lloyds, Sebi serves on the board of four other companies in the mobile entertainment and software development areas.