Web based EHR and Practice Management system

Lloyds in strategic partnership with EHI present MDnet” Electronic Health Records

MDnet is an ONC-ATCB Certified Unified Electronic Health Records and Practice Management System that meets and exceeds all HIPAA compliance standards. Web-based and globally accessible, MDnet is certified by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT. The MDnet platform combines the management of clinical functions, disease/condition supervision, and revenue generation to assist physicians and associated clinical staff in caring for their patients totally, from first visit to final reimbursement and every point in between.

What does our EHR Products, Solutions and Services HIPAA compliant portfolio include?

  • Lloyds MDnet-EHR, a hosted Electronic Health Record platform delivered as a service
  • Lloyds MDnet-Practice, an intelligent, fully integrated Practice Management System
  • Lloyds MDnet-eDocs, a robust scanning and document management system
  • Lloyds MDnet-Connector, in-built connection gateway to labs
  • Lloyds MDnet-ePrescription, intelligent ePrescription module
  • Lloyds MDnet-Financials, an automated billing system with analytics and intelligent reporting functions
  • Lloyds MDnet-Patient Portal where Patients access their health records electronically

Why MDnet ? MDnet offers you:

  • A certified EHR Platform that is HIPAA compliant.
  • The opportunity for Eligible Professionals (EPs) to receive incentive payments from Medicaid and Medicare by demonstrating Meaningful Use (MU)—see the information near the bottom of this page for details.
  • Excellence in service and a competitive advantage over other EHR platforms.
  • Increased staff efficiency and better patient care.
  • Low total cost of ownership with minimal capital expense outlay.
  • Month-to-month contracts and no long-term commitment.
  • Centrally managed and administered electronic platform for best performance.
  • Continuous enhancements to EHR, PMS and HIT.
  • Globally accessible anywhere, any time and any place.
  • Ease of use, with appointment scheduling and front office functions, efficient electronic charting, bi-directional interface with labs and other vendors, electronic prescription module, integrated document management system and self-serve patient portal.
Our MDnet platform is intuitive and user friendly, with a graphical user interface. This exceptional quality medical software gives you and your staff better office visit documentation, enhanced patient access, and better communication overall. Results management is more efficient, lessening the likelihood of medical errors. MDnet also gives you better revenue management through our automated billing and electronic claims processing, and provides you with customizable operational, management and financial reports.

MDnet-EHR Features

MDnet is very user-friendly, featuring simple and easy navigation. With simple clicks, you can create sentence structure and avoid template documentation; create standard medical treatment plans; and, with a single click, complete the patient visit notes. New patients can easily complete their own patient medical history forms using MDnet. The Patient Portal pre-populates patient charts, avoiding duplicate data input, while saving medical staff time and effort. With MDnet, medical personnel can manage patients’ chronic conditions and build disease management plans, design preventive care management plans, alert medical staff concerning treatment plans, and provide better patient care. Practicianers and staff can create a risk analysis for the patient based on his condition, vitals or lab results. MDnet-EHR can be also customized to fit each and every practice need.
MDnet EHR offers integrated dictation and transcription solutions, can create customized patient recalls, will document all patient phone calls and phone consults in patient charts, and create patient qualitative reports. Customized practice-specific paper templates for files can also be recreated using MDnet-EHR.

MDnet ePrescription Module Features

Ensuring that patients receive their prescriptions accurately is simple with our ePrescription module. Since everything is electronic, errors due to misreading of handwritten prescriptions are eliminated. Send ePrescriptions to the pharmacy, check for interactions with the patient’s other prescribed drugs, determine allergy problems with certain drugs and track refill requests—it’s all at your fingertips with MDnet ePrescription. The module includes a drug formulary and also contains electronic lab integration features. Send lab orders and receive results electronically. Perform real time analysis for lab results with critical patient data and view multiple lab results. The system automatically alerts staff when abnormal results are present, enabling staff members to take immediate action. Patient safety is enhanced with MDnet ePrescription.
The Module allows you to handle claims, initiate billing and make financial decisions. Manage referral visits authorizations and track progress; determine pre-authorizations for procedures and medications; and, validate patient charts for critical patient data to avoid rejected claims. In addition, you can track all changes in the patient’s medical insurance and appropriately connect each visit to claims. With one click, create a claim, scrub it for missing information and send it to payers. The software follows claims in real-time so you know where the payments are. You can determine whether the patient’s visit converts to a claim and receive real-time updates on rejected claims. Save time in EOB posting by using our Quick Manage Payment, and receive Electronic Remittance Advise (ERA) into your Patient Claims, pre-populating with check and payment information.
We think you’ll agree—for patient drug safety, ease of patient information compilation, and quicker reimbursement leading to better revenue management, our MDnet Modules are a vital tool for physicians and their staff.

Reimbursement for Switching to EHR

On February 17, 2009, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, or Stimulus Fund, was signed into law by the federal government. Included in this law is the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act, or HITECH Act. The act mandated $19.2 Billion to be used as incentives payable to doctors and hospitals who convert from paper to Electronic Health Records (EHR). Our government firmly believes in the benefits of electronic health records and is investing federal monies to proliferate their use. More information can be found on the web, with some of the most informative at

Incentives for Meaningful Use of ePrescription

The incentive for e-Prescribing is 1 to 2% of the total estimated allowed charges for professional services covered by Medicare Part B and furnished during the calendar year.
Successful ePrescriber Incentive Payment
Year 2011 2.00%
Year 2012 2.00%
Year 2013 1.00%
Year 2014 1.00%
Year 2015 or later 0.50%

Incentives for Meaningful Use of EHR

There are two incentive programs for Physicians with Medicare and Medicaid patients. Physicians chose the appropriate program based on the size of their practice. Incentives for the years from 2011 to 2014 are shown below. We think you will find that with the federal incentives given for conversion to EHR and ePrescriptions, combined with the cost savings inherent in our MDnet Modules, you will actually make money by converting.
Lloyds Solutions, Inc. stands ready to help you accomplish that!

Incentives for Meaningful Use of EHR

Incentives paid per year       
Year of RegistrationYear 2011Year 2012Year 2013Year 2014Year 2015Year 2016Total
Year 2011$ 18,000$ 12,000$ 8,000$ 4,000$ 2,000$ –$ 44,000
Year 2012$ –$ 18,000$ 12,000$ 8,000$ 4,000$ 2,000$ 44,000
Year 2013$ –$ –$ 15,000$ 12,000$ 8,000$ 4,000$ 39,000
Year 2014$ –$ –$ –$ 15,000$ 12,000$ 8,000$ 35,000
Year 2015 or later$ –$ –$ –$ –$ –$ –$ –