Radiology coding

Get full reimbursement for the treatment given to a patient.

With our pool of experts, we can resolve all the proper coding requirement issues.

To get full reimbursement for the treatment given to a patient, healthcare services and individual physicians need to report full procedure including radiology coding. Radiologists perform two types of procedures – interventional and non-Interventional. Diagnostic radiology imaging and ultrasound are interventional radiology procedures whereas standard radiographs, computerized tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging are referred as non-Interventional procedures.
Radiology coding comprises 70,000 series of codes. These are organized based on the type of radiology and the purpose of the service. Some of radiology coding includes Diagnostic Radiology 70000-76499, Diagnostic Ultrasound 76500 – 76999, Radiologic Guidance 77001- 77032, Radiation Oncology 77261 – 77999, etc. In interventional radiology coding, surgical codes that signify the procedures performed by the doctors also used.
Usually radiologists face two main issues in radiology coding are understatement of the given procedure that could result in insufficient reimbursement and overstate the treatment that could result in risk of abuse, fines, etc. Medical coding procedures are constantly updated and radiologists need to keep themselves in pace. The easiest and smart solution for this problem is going in for a service of professional medical coding company, Lloyds Solutions. With our pool of experts, we can resolve all these issues.
Entrusting radiology coding ensures several benefits. The key benefit of hiring medical coding and billing service is error-free submission of medical bills and claims. This eliminates the possibilities of claim denials or rejections and maximizes reimbursements. Besides, it reduces administrative responsibilities and hence saves time and efforts. Outsourcing coding tasks to Lloyds Solutions helps to avoid expenses to perform in-house coding.