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Lloyds ensures that you operate in a completely HIPAA compliant environment

We will ensure

Lloyds Solutions, Inc. guarantees improved medical office revenue collection rates that meet, or exceed industry standards. Our billing team is professionally trained to ensure physicians receive maximum reimbursements from HMOs and other medical insurance providers. Lloyds will hold your hand all the way from set-up through claim denials and other difficult issues, without additional costs to the doctor’s office. We are truly your back office partner.

We can customize your medical billing and revenue cycle management to meet your specific requirements. Revenue reports are provided month-end and can be accessed directly by the doctor’s office at any time. In addition to processing your claims electronically, our staff will alert you to potential problems in your office regarding improper preparation and delivery of billing information. This extra care assures you that, no matter how hectic your medical office becomes, there is always someone monitoring the financial end of your practice. With rapidly changing billing needs and regulations, partnering with Lloyds Solutions gives you security and confidence that your financial interests are being given the full attention they deserve, so you can focus on what you and your staff do best–providing quality patient healthcare.

Millions of dollars are lost to medical practices annually due to under-pricing, coding errors, missed charges and non-reimbursed claims. Lloyds Solutions’ medical billing service enables doctors’ offices to eliminate these losses and accurately process medical billing claims, freeing staff from the tedious tasks of billing and follow-up function. We provide the latest in medical services technology and software, all of which are designed to be very user friendly.

Lloyds Solutions Medical Billing Service strives to develop long-term relationships by earning your trust through our client dedication and positive results achievement. Our fees are highly competitive, and our service is satisfaction guaranteed. We hope you will allow us the opportunity to provide our services to you.



Cash flow is the lifeblood of any practice. Whether you are a new or existing medical practice, you cannot afford to experiment with the unknown when it concerns your billing. We get your billing system up and running as quickly as possible.


Medical billing is a serious business. Without the proper knowledge of medical billing and reimbursement methodologies, providers and practices will not receive proper reimbursement, if they receive any reimbursement at all. Lloyds Solutions manages your billing process professionally, enhancing your revenue generation.


At Lloyds Solutions, our medical billing staff understands the basic and major medical coverage plans, such as the Fee-for-Service Plans, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Point-of-Service Plans (POS), and Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs). They know the different methods of billing patients and understand the medical billing industry with all its complexities. Medical Billers at Lloyds Solutions are experts in the terminology & software most often used in a medical office, such as MediSoft, Surgi Source, Kareo, Misys, Medtron, Medrium, CBSI, AdvantX, etc. Lloyds Medical Billing professionals have a good working knowledge of medical terminology,anatomy; claims form completion, coding and a whole host of other complex issues relating to medical revenue cycle management. Our billing staffers are proficient in bookkeeping, and know how to successfully and electronically file medical insurance claims. In addition, they are proficient in database management, spreadsheet functions, electronic mail, and word processing.


Our Medical Billing experts deal not only with insurance companies, but frequently interact with patients in a professional and caring manner. We explain charges to the patients, and communicate effectively in an effort to collect payment due the practice.


Our eligibility team checks insurance eligibility even before patients get to the doctors office. Our auditing team scrubs all claims forms before they are submitted. We strive to get it right the first time around, and our record speaks for itself.


First-time claims invariably get denied due to submission of inaccurate information. Sometimes it is due to inaccurate data entry, and at other times it is due to inaccurate insurance information submitted by the patient. In any event, we quickly intervene to correct the mistake and resubmit the claim.


Frequently we are called upon when medical practice offices have a large stack of unpaid and aged claims sitting on the back-burner waiting to be re-processed. Our cutting-edge technology and highly skilled workforce have quickly reversed the backlog and increased the revenue to many of our healthcare provider clients. Our AR executives meticulously follow patient records, analyze them, take up claims with the insurance companies, address and then rectify problems. We run a daily Insurance aging report and claims are analyzed to identify:

  • Un-paid Claims
  • Low Paid Claims
  • Denied Claims
  • Rejected Claims
  • Claims not on file

Lloyds Solutions Medical Business provides full practice management as a special service and at a reasonable cost. We have never failed to exceed the performance expected from our clients. We prepare and analyze cash flow charts to optimize the practice’s revenue and minimize expense, thereby enabling maximum earnings for the owners of the practice. Monitoring the accurate and timely processing and re-imbursement of medical claims from insurance companies is a major portion of this effort.