Physical therapy coding

Accurate physical therapy billing is inevitable

Even though physiotherapists are expert in treating patients, many lack the skills of physical therapy coding.

Accurate physical therapy billing is inevitable as errors in coding and billing can sabotage the cash flow for private practice. Timely reimbursement plays a vital role in the smooth running of private practice; mistakes in physical therapy coding can be an expensive issue. Medical coding is a complicated process and changes are made in the procedures periodically. Therefore, it is important for the therapists to understand the complexities and changes associated with physical therapy coding. Lloyds Solutions knows how to deal with mounting paperwork with a huge amount of complex codes.
A single procedure can be billed in many ways and using the best code can pay higher on the insurance claim. For example, if a therapist teaches a patient how to perform an oblique abdominal sit-up in order to increase strength and flexibility, then physical therapy coding should be 97110, meant for therapeutic exercises. If he shows the same exercise to improve proprioception, then code 97112 should be used, which implies neuromuscular reeducation. If the purpose of teaching oblique abdominal sit-up is improving its functional performance like getting out of bed, one needs to use the code as 97530. Therefore, even a single procedure can be interpreted in different ways in physical therapy coding.
Entrusting professional billing and coding service from Lloyds Solutions not only saves you the headache of dealing with insurance companies but also ensures steady cash flow by eliminating billing errors and thereby maximizing reimbursement for physical and occupational therapists.