Practice Management

Assist your practice in virtually all aspects of practice management.

We offer a wide range of management and administrative services for your office.

We understand the economics of a medical practice, as well as the need to maintain the highest standard of quality health care. Most Physicians, particularly those just starting out, are not skilled in managing a complicated modern practice. You are faced with managed care issues, staff problems, rising costs, decreasing insurance reimbursements, HIPAA Compliance, etc. That’s not how this was supposed to work–you thought you would be spending time with patients. With the help of experts at Lloyds Solutions Inc, that is exactly what you will be able to do.
Our Practice Management consultants free up doctors and health practitioners to concentrate on achieving healthcare goals. Our goal is to two-fold: 1) To increase your office efficiency and 2) Ensure that you get maximum reimbursement. Lloyds Solutions, Inc., a premier healthcare services management and consulting firm, has helped physicians with practice management in all specialties. With our help, you become free to concentrate on your life’s work AND, your life, outside of work, as well.
You remain in complete control of your practice and your profits, while freeing yourself from the day-to-day mundane administrative and operational issues. Of course, the question is one of cost and benefit. Our services aren’t free, but they will make YOU free. And, when you look at the bottom line, you’ll notice it’s considerably more impressive than it was when you managed everything yourself. Our Practice Management professionals are able to provide medical offices with access to top-quality technical expertise at significantly lower costs than if hired by the practice.
While Lloyds Solutions does not own any medical practices, we are actively involved in the long-term planning and short-term operations of our clients’ practices. We help clients establish goals, and then get involved in planning and implementing the action plan. Each time we take a client to a higher level of performance and profitability, we all realize that we can reset our goals to go even higher and better. This close working relationship encourages Lloyds Solutions to continue to bring new ideas and new concepts to the table. Unlike the large number of accountants/consultants who merely prepare and present a report which represents past performance, we are constantly looking forward rather than backward.
Once we both have identified the areas of priority within your medical practice, we effect changes through our Practice Management software. We provide management services for your medical office so that your practice is more successful, and you have more time for the things you enjoy, both professionally and personally. You are always in complete control of your medical practice; while we are the consultants who help you decide what needs to be done, and are the team who helps you accomplish your goals.
We work very closely with your office manager in the management of your medical practice, whether he/she is our employee or yours. Often your office manager is very capable, but simply overwhelmed with everything required of medical practice managers today. We surround the manager with our team of medical practice specialists, coordinated by one of our Senior Management Consultants. If you don’t have an office manager, we can help find the right person for your practice, who, again, can be employed by either Lloyds Solutions or you.
Lloyds Practice Management service involves constant communication with you and your staff via phone, e-mail and video conferencing. Help for the manager is always just a phone call away. At monthly business meetings with the physician, the consultant team leader and the manager will set priorities for short-, intermediate-and long-term management and revenue goals. Our client physicians look to Lloyds Solutions to plan and execute the game plan for achieving those goals, so they can focus on practicing medicine.

Some of the important management and administrative tasks with which we can help:

  • IT Consulting: We’ve gathered an excellent IT computer services staff who support our medical technology, computer software, and medical hardware networks.
  • Payroll: Lloyds Solutions processes salaries and benefits for the medical office environment.
  • Banking: Lloyds Solutions processes deposits, pays bills, and reconciles bank accounts.
  • Mailings: Lloyds Solutions assists with mailing lists and marketing mailings.
  • Scheduling: Lloyds Solutions schedules appointments, reminders, and follow up.
  • Product Inventory: Lloyds Solutions monitors product inventory, ordering, and year-end reconciliation.
  • A/R Management: Lloyds Solutions stays on top of bill collections.
  • Credentialing: Lloyds Solutions guides clients through a hassle-free credentialing process.
  • General Office Management and Administration
  • Strategic Planning
  • Full or Modified Practice Assessment
  • Reimbursement and Coding Audits
  • Insurance Carrier Audits
  • Fee Schedule Reviews
  • Information Technology Needs Assessments
  • Internal Controls Reviews
  • HIPAA and OSHA Compliance Training
  • Accounts Payable Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Practice Start-ups