Appointment reminders

Eligibility Verification and Appointment Scheduling

Whatever the size of your practice, Lloyds Solutions, Inc. can provide health insurance verification for your patients.

Whenever a doctor’s office treats a patient and is unable to get reimbursed for the visit, it costs the practice time, effort and revenue. At Lloyds, we attempt to establish the patient’s insurance eligibility before the appointment, so that your practice has no instances of patients receiving treatment and the insurance company denying the claims. Insurance eligibility verification is the first step in our medical billing process. Most medical insurance claims are denied or delayed when inadequate or incorrect coverage information is provided by patients, or when current coverage information has not been updated by the office/hospital staff. Verification removes those obstacles.


We check and verify the patient’s insurance eligibility and benefits prior to the treatment.
Our experienced team verifies the patient’s co-pay responsibility with the insurance company prior to treatment, usually by two days before the appointment date.
We reconfirm the appointment and inform the patient of their payment responsibility. This step helps avoid last minute cancellations due to ineligibility reasons and is particularly helpful to the front desk staff.

Appointment reminders

Depending on the service the physician’s office requires, we can call, text and/or email patients for a low fixed rate per patient.