Medical transcription faq

The best reason for you to choose us is our knowledge of the US healthcare industry and our expertise in medical transcription. We have been working in the US healthcare industry for many years and are thoroughly proficient in medical transcription, medical billing, medical coding and Electronic Health Records (EHR). Over the years, we have mastered delivering exceptional quality in record turnaround time.

The answer is simple–we guarantee a better job at a lower cost. We guarantee high quality and accuracy; we guarantee turnaround time; we guarantee low prices; and most of all, we guarantee “No Problems”!

If you are asking yourself the question–have I done a cash flow analysis, to see how much I could save using an external transcription service such as Lloyds, as opposed to paying for an in-house transcription department–it is time to contact Lloyds. With Lloyds, you have access to a staff of professional Medical Transcription personnel, at a cost quite likely to be lower than you are presently paying.

Our superior technology, training and experience permits us to offer exceptional quality medical transcription services at a highly competitive price, thus guaranteeing a level of service that is typically unprecedented. The state-of-the-art proprietary software we use allows us to guarantee quality and accuracy that is in excess of 98.5 %. Few others are able to handle the volume we do on an almost daily basis.

Industry experts agree that it can be extremely good business to concentrate on your core competencies, like providing quality medical care, and intelligently sub-contract your ancillary functions, like medical transcription.

Employees in any business come at a cost, and need to be trained and supervised. It is not cost effective for a busy Physicians Group or Hospital to accomplish this. At Lloyds, this is our core business. We make our money on volumes of scale, causing us to be more efficient. Our senior staff averages over 15 years in the medical transcription industry, and are true healthcare-oriented professionals. Simply due to volumes of scale, we can perform medical transcription tasks quicker and at a lower cost than your group will be able to do. Moreover, you will not have to deal with sick or inefficient employees. Sub-contracting your medical transcription to Lloyds Solutions will give you 98.5% accuracy in record turnaround time, resulting in reduced costs and inefficiencies.

One of the secrets to our success is that we understand our client needs. We prevent unnecessary issues with efficient communication. We believe in doing things right the first time around. If, on the rare occasion, something falls between the cracks, we will work tirelessly to rectify the issue without delay. So far we have not had a customer that has left us because of quality.

However, If you are unsatisfied with our service, you may cancel our contract at anytime giving us 30 days notice without any cost or consequence to you.

We currently do transcription work for the following institutions:

  • University of Michigan, MI
  • St. Joseph’s Healthcare System, NJ,
  • Glendale Adventist Medical Center, CA
  • Palmdale Regional Medical Center, CA
  • Monmouth Medical Center, NJ
  • Clara Mass Medical Center, NJ
  • Center for Asthma and Allergy, NJ
  • Two River Asthma and Allergy, NJ
  • Advanced Urology, KY

We believe that training is the key element in the process of establishing world class standards in medical transcription services. Our client-specific training involves process-specific training, as well as training on technology platforms. This is a continuous process at Lloyds Solutions, Inc..

We support all specialties.
eScription, Crescendo, DocQscribe, Scribe, Bayscribe, SmartScribe. If there is a platform that is not listed above that you prefer us to work on, we can also do without problems. With our tech savvy MTs and top notch I.T. Department, we are confident of performing your work on any platform easily.
Our transcription services are customized to our clients’ needs. If our clients need the work performed onshore, then we ensure that no part of their work is done offshore. However, we also have numerous customers who do not have a preference as to whether the work is performed onshore or offshore. There is no difference in quality, and our entire environment is HIPAA compliant. These customers pay a lower rate for our services. In both cases, our customers receive the same high standards of quality and responsiveness from Lloyds.

We are extremely competitive, so do not hesitate to ask us for an estimate. We will be happy to evaluate your needs and provide you with a fair estimate at no cost or consequence to your group or hospital. What we will assure you is that we will be very competitive with what you are presently getting. Our price will vary depending on the technology that is required for your specific group or hospital, whether the work needs to be done onshore, and what volume you will be requiring us to process for you. We charge on a per line and turnaround time basis, which are pretty much the industry standard. No matter which solution you choose, you will almost surely experience significant cost savings.

Click here for a meeting where we can discuss your requirements.

We count a 65-character line, where a character is defined as any letter, number or symbol necessary for the final appearance and content of a document, including the space bar. To fully understand this, take a transcribed document and open it in MS Word, Version 97 or later. Go to Tools, select Word Count and note the value shown next to “Characters (with spaces)” and divide this by 65. This will give you the number of lines in that document.
Payment can be made by either by check or wire transfer. Billing is bi-monthly.
On our SmartScribe medical transcription platform software, you will be able to obtain an up-to-date line count on a daily basis, by clicking on Billing. You will receive an itemized invoice bi-monthly from our accounts department. In the unlikely event you have any questions, our Accounts department will be more than happy to discuss them with you.

We can start immediately as our staff are familiar with almost all the transcription platforms presently in service. We generally use the following procedure with start-ups:

Step 1: With your agreement we will review your groups requirements.
Step 2: We will sign an agreement that is mutually satisfactory to both you and us.
Step 3: Our tech support personnel will contact your I.T. staff to set things up.
Step 4: We will request detailed instructions with regards to case specific transcription work
Step 5: We are ready to start transcribing !
Step 6: We will stay in close contact with your office staff during the initial teething period.

Dictations are submitted over the phone via a toll-free line that you can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additionally, we can provide digital handheld recorders or dictation-ready PCs (we can install the transcription software virtually on your PCs or laptops), that may also be used to submit dictations.
As soon as you sign up, you will be assigned to a MT Group based on your specialty and your estimated dictation load. When you submit a dictation into our system, your assigned MT Group will automatically receive your dictation for medical transcription. An MT Group consists of medical transcriptionists and a quality assurance supervisor with more than 10 years of medical transcription experience. Once your dictation is transcribed, it will be audited for accuracy, and then made available for online pick up.
You can receive transcriptions back in any format you wish, or even in multiple formats. You can pick up your transcriptions via your control screen on the internet, but apart from that, you can ask for a fax copy or a direct printout. When you sign up, you are given a login name and password that allows you to access your medical transcriptions on our SmartScribe platform. You can then view and print your transcriptions online, or download them to your computer. From here, you can send the report to anybody via email or fax, auto or manually.
Dictated reports can be accessed for up to 7 days on-line; transcribed reports are available for up to 365 days on-line at no additional cost. After that time, all data is archived to secondary media and stored.
We will be happy to incorporate any normal’s or canned phrases you may routinely use in your dictation.
The transcriptions are returned in an RTF (Rich Text Format) file or in any format you prefer. RTF is a standard file type that can be opened using virtually any word processing program, including Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Lotus, etc.
All communication between your computer and our website is protected through the use of Secure Socket Layer encryption (SSL). This means that nobody can “listen in” on the conversation between those computers. This is the same level of security that large E-Commerce and banking sites use. You can verify SSL by looking for the little padlock icon used by Netscape and Internet Explorer to designate secure sites.
You get to choose what turn-around times you need. We generally give a facility next day reporting (practically a 12 hour turnaround time while charging for a 24 hour turnaround). For example, you will generally get back the reports at 9.00 am regardless of the time you dictated them the previous day, which can be from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm. You can also select turnaround times to meet your needs – 48 hours, 24 hours, 6hours, 4 hours and 2 hours. You may choose different default turnaround times by report type or you can specify the time with each report.
Our medical transcriptionist department is staffed 24/7 365 days a year. The turnaround time also applies to weekend dictations.

You are most welcome to do so. Send us several of your most difficult test files (up to 500 lines), without advance notice. Feel free to do this once or even several times. Send them to us day or night, and we will return them back to you within 24 hours, transcribed at no cost or consequence to you. If you don’t like what you get back, walk away with no questions asked. If you do like what you see, give us an opportunity to serve you.

Click here or call 800-346-9426 and we shall be happy to get back to you right away.

One of the secrets to our success is that we understand our clients’ needs. We prevent unnecessary problems with effective communication. We believe in doing things right the first time around. If, on the rare occasion, something falls between the cracks, we will work tirelessly to rectify the issue without delay. We have never had a customer leave us due to quality issues. However, if you are unsatisfied with our service, you may cancel our contract at anytime without any cost or consequence to you; however, we do require 30 days notice.