Medical transcription

Eliminating medical documentation headaches

We offer leading solutions in outsourced medical transcription and health information management.

Lloyds Medical Transcription Services

  • Cut costs by sub-contracting
  • Improve quality
  • Improve Turn Around Time
  • Go “paperless”
  • Integrate into your current EMR.
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • High Quality Standards
  • Round the Clock Support

Eliminating medical documentation headaches with Lloyds frees you up to focus on what’s really important – concentrating on Healthcare. Lloyds manages your paper, so you can concentrate on the big picture! Lloyds Solutions, Inc., is a client-focused medical transcription services company with offices in the USA and India. As a professional healthcare services company, we understand our clients’ stringent requirements and provide quality transcription services in rapid turnaround time and at unbelievably low rates.

Lloyds Solutions embraces the challenge of improving the productivity of our customers by delivering the best and most current technology solutions with professional integrity. We are dedicated to developing successful business relationships through mutual trust and respect.

Lloyds Solutions’ healthcare documentation services are designed for large hospitals, as well as large and medium sized groups that want balance and flexibility with their documentation, in order to enhance patient care. At Lloyds, we provide complete, customized healthcare management solutions, from outsourcing to automation. We have no doubt that our digital medical transcription services will meet or exceed all your transcription needs. Our coverage areas include hospitals, large practices, individual doctors and MTSOs located in the US, Canada, UK and Australian markets.

Why Team Lloyds ?

Highly Competitive Medical Transcription Prices

Delivering great value! That is what our goal is at Lloyds!! We are an extremely cost-competitive medical transcription services company. We believe in delivering a great product at a competitive price. That is why we have the excellent reputation we have earned in the transcription business today. We like to put our wallet where our mouth is. To check us out, why don’t you send us several of your most difficult medical transcription test files, without advance notice. Feel free to do this once or several times. Send them to us day or night, and we will return them back to you, within 24 hours, transcribed, at no cost or consequence to you. If you don’t like what you get back, walk away without any questions asked. If you do like what you see, give us an opportunity to serve you. Check us out, and you will not regret it.

Quality Control Standards Far Above the Rest

We earn our wings every day. Lloyds has been delivering, for the last several years, and continues to deliver today, medical transcription accuracy levels in excess of 98.5%, on a daily basis. We employ only the most qualified and experienced medical transcriptionists. Even experienced transcriptionists need to pass a series of medical transcription tests before becoming employed with Lloyds. Furthermore, we have in-house training that enables our MTs to meet and exceed the highest industry standards of quality and confidentiality. This dedication to quality enables us to be the best, and we say this without equivocation.

Rapid Medical Transcription Turnaround Time

We work 24/7, 365 days a year. We understand that hospitals and medical centers follow the same work ethic. Patients are seen and surgeries are performed around the clock. Consequently, dictations need to be transcribed, sometimes STAT! We can get documents transcribed and back to you in as little as 2 hours. Depending on your needs, we can guarantee work back to you within 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours and 24 hours.

Always fully HIPAA Compliant

Lloyds Solutions, Inc., meets or exceeds the security requirements set forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). A complete audit trail of every action performed on our system is always available. Every one of our medical transcriptionists is required to take a HIPAA familiarity test before starting work on any account. Failure to pass results in immediate suspension.

Cutting Edge Medical Transcription Technology

Lloyds Solutions uses robust, digital dictation and transcription solutions to meet or exceed your voice and/or data handling requirements. Whether your physicians dictate via telephone, digital recorders or PC, we can improve their operations and lower costs. We offer web-based storage systems that can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection – no additional software required.

Our web-based medical transcription technology typically exceeds the needs of hospitals, physician practices & clinics. Our medical transcription software applications permit our clients to enjoy user friendly report review, editing, and electronic signatures. The company’s transcription platforms are HIPAA compliant, and all communication of transcribed documents are sent as per HL7 standards. We offer EHR integration with our medical transcription services using digital recorder dictations, toll free medical dictations, and computer dictations, with emphasis on providing quality medical transcription.

Back-up Security and Safety for all Medical Transcription

Because your information is usually stored on several separate servers, your dictations are safe, even during power outages or natural disasters. We guarantee confidentiality and the security of all your documents.

Easily Accessible Medical Transcription, Worldwide

You can access all of your medical information on our servers using the internet from anywhere in the world, at anytime of day or night. Also, all medical transcriptions are archived securely online and searchable, so you can effortlessly find the information you need, when you need it. Reports accessed can then be distributed, batch printed, edited, etc. With access like this, you never have to worry about missing reports.

Our Methodology Insures Accuracy

We are convinced you will find our medical transcription services to be of utmost quality, and our staff professional, cordial and prompt. Each hospital, practice, or account is assigned a specific “team” of personnel including, but not limited to, their primary medical transcriptionist, who is responsible for the account’s medical transcription on a day-to-day basis (we assign physicians their very own transcriptionist), and a Senior Account Manager, who will manage your transcriptionist, as well as communicate with your office, on a daily, or as-needed basis, ensuring your complete satisfaction with our service. Your Account Manager will also facilitate streamlining questions or concerns to other appropriate team members should you have an issue outside the Manager’s scope of expertise. We have an internal management team consisting of QA personnel, technical support services and other team members to assist you as needed.